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Isabel Belfor acts as a witness capturing powerful moments. She catches every nuance, play of color and light, every flickering candle, and every tear drop. Warmth, love, and tenderness radiate from her images. By blending into the background she allows beauty to unfold without interference. And it's no wonder that her best photos are where the person is unaware of her presence.

While photography is her livelihood she calls it her "absolute love" and deems it her "mission to express and depict the 'soul' of the wedding." And "soulful" is the perfect word to describe both her character and her photography. She's developed a singular style of wedding photography reflecting the energy, intensity, individuality, and distinct vibe of her clients. Utilizing both an artistic and documentary approach allows Isabel to "tell the beautiful story of the wedding. I picture the bride and groom, fifty years after the wedding day has passed, looking through their album and remembering the rush of love and the flood of happiness they experienced that day."

Isabel captures the essence and magic of your special event through all-day coverage beginning with bridal and groom party preparations, continuing with the ceremony, and ending with the reception. But a wedding, just like any other good story, is more than just a beginning, middle, and end. It's also ultimately about transformation, transcendence, and illumination. A wedding happens only once but with Isabel's photos that beautiful story can be relived time and again.

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