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"Being a photographer myself, I was having the hardest time figuring out who I would hire to shoot my own wedding. Apparently creating a camera casing out of your wedding gown was not an acceptable option. (according to mom, of Fortunately, i took a look at Isabel's photography site and saw that her style of shooting was very similar to mine. I must say, she knew how to handle a bridal party of 24. Yes, a little ridiculous, but so was the timing of everything.. We ran short, but even still, Isabel knew how to keep the crowd going, pictures snapping and the results.... Just when you thought you forgot to ask for a shot of this and a shot of that - SHE CAPTURED IT ALL! There were things I wasn't even aware of that I first learned by seeing my photos. Thank you Isabel. You did a job that was beyond my expectations!"
-Laurie Nichtern

Isabel photographed our son's somewhat unconventional bar mitzvah. She captured every minute of the service and party, catching all kinds of unique moments in surprising detail, and she really covered it all, I can't think of a guest who wasn't represented or who she might have missed. She made the few posed group shots we took speedy and absolutely painless, despite the stress of the moments prior to the event when we took them. She was nearly undetectable as she moved through the party, but always delightful when we interacted. ÊThe whole transaction was really easy, and it was a pleasure working with her. And the pictures are beautiful -- well composed, stylish and creative, exactly what we wanted. ÊIt's amazing how good we look! ÊAnd many of the shots just contain a lovely or quirky or interesting perspective, we're really enjoying them. I've recommended Isabel to several friends, and look forward to recommending her further.
-Susan Bernfield

"We loved Isabel. She was professional and courteous. We felt very comfortable with her, half the time we didn't even realize she was there. She caught moments that we didn't even remember, and shot them in amazing ways. We got our pictures and were blown away, exactly what we wanted and so much more"
-Kerrynoel Barile

"I knew the very first time I looked at Isabel's pictures I wanted her to photograph our wedding. Creativity is evident throughout her photography. For us, she captured the true essence of what it means to be a New Yorker. A talented and consummate professional, I would highly recommend her not only to my friends, but anyone needing photography services. You will be absolutely delighted in the results!"
-Mara Montes

"Isabel was essential for my wedding, not only did her pictures come out great but her approach toward wedding photographs is extremely personalized according to the couple. She captured several details throughout the wedding which I wouldn't have even thought of if it weren't for her talented vision toward what's important throughout the ceremony. She also knows exactly how to pose a couple to get the best out of the groom and bride with a romantic vision which is subtle yet powerful. I would definitely recommend her, not only for her talent but also for her efficiency when it came to delivering the pictures in time, printing quality and fair price."
- Samantha Astolfi

"Isabel, words can not express the joy and pleasure you have given to me. All of us looked at the photos this morning and everyone agrees that what you captured are moments frozen in time that I will always have. You have a talent with your eye, with all my heart thank you for what you have given to me."
-Stacie Dowding

"Isabel Belfor is an inspired artist who has chosen photography as her medium of expression. Her inquisitive mind, careful attention to detail,follow-through on commitments, diligence, and determination make her a force to be reckoned with. Her willingness and ability to step back and look objectively at her own work and to continually seek out knowledge and instruction enables her to make amazing strides."
-John Madera

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